Hey! I'm Tori (Well technically Victoria) and I am just your average girl who suffers from wanderlust~

I was born into the position of middle child of a half dutch and half german family in 1995 in St. Catharines, Canada. Since then I have lived a whirlwind lifestyle as a TCK (Third Culture Kid) bouncing around every 3 years on average. I spent my childhood in Asia going to private schools across South Korea, India and China. I moved back to the US as an adult after spending a year on my own in Korea studying the Bible and different religions.


I created this blog to share my love for the things that I am passionate about: travel, beauty, fitness, health and just life in general! I have so many interests and passions and what better way to explore those and educate myself than to create a blog that shares it with others too! I have wasted so much time being a hot mess making lists and goals and research that I lose and in the end waste hours on hours working on something I forget about anyways. SO here it is. The place for anything and everything. I will share family recipes, funny stories, travel tips, travel recommendations, skin care ideas, fitness routines, fitness trend reviews and SO MUCH MORE! I have no real clear boundaries of what this blog will be because I don’t know yet, but I am going to share and write about whatever I think of and think others will be interested in too! :) 

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