10 things about me: :)

Meet my elephant Ellie <3 we love eachother :)

1. I am a TCK- what is that you may ask? Well if you read my bio you already know that it means Third Culture Kid which is a fancy was of saying I grew up around the world in cultures different than that which I was born in.

2. When I graduated highschool I moved out right away and moved to Korea on my own to study religion for a year :)

3. I grew up as a middle child- between two brothers (Eric and Nicholas).

4. I have a precious little adopted sister Esther who is such a ray of sunshine.

5. I have travelled to 30 countries so far in my life- and no, I don't have a favourite or a least favourite. I love them ALL!

6. I played Flute when I was in school

7. I travelled to compete in swimming when I was growing up

8. My favourite colour has always been blue but has melded mustard and army green now too.

9. I have one tattoo

10. The Giving Tree, Where The Sidewalk Ends and I Love You, Forever are my 3 favourite books

I love getting to know new people as much as I possibly can. I feel like there is always so many cool things we can learn not only about other people but from other people. ALSO we learn more about ourselves in each new interaction and encounter :)

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