60 things to throw out YESTERDAY

We as humans tend to love to hold onto our THINGS. We often times have WAY more than what we need and a huge portion of things we own are trash and useless. Go through this list to kickstart your decluttering and get you on the road to minimalism!

  1. Old bills

  2. Old Tax Returns

  3. Single earrings

  4. Receipts

  5. Old crayons

  6. Pens, markers, highlighters, etc that don't work

  7. Old phones and accessories

  8. Greeting cards

  9. Expired spices

  10. Expired beauty products

  11. Manuals

  12. Unusable cables and cords

  13. Expired and worn out undergarments

  14. un-donate-able clothing

  15. Old kitchen ware (plates, cups, utensils)

  16. Broken appliances

  17. Rusted or unused hair accessories

  18. old or unused batteries

  19. Old calendars and planners

  20. Shorted out holiday lights

  21. Worn out hairbrushes

  22. Old or broken electronics (you can donate these or give them to a disposal place)

  23. Puzzles and games with missing pieces

  24. Worn out shoes

  25. Clothes that don't fit

  26. Broken knick knacks

  27. Books you've read and won't re-read

  28. Books that you don't like anymore

  29. Books with ripped or missing pages

  30. Old couches and sofas

  31. Old playing cards

  32. Worn out blankets

  33. Furniture that is being unused

  34. Socks with holes

  35. Stained rugs

  36. Frayed or ripped curtains

  37. Expired frozen or canned food

  38. Unused or broken exercise equipment

  39. Expired medicine or vitamins

  40. Old or busted glasses

  41. Jewelry that is broken

  42. Used up notebooks

  43. Broken binders

  44. Broken bags, purses, backpacks

  45. Fabric/yarn scraps

  46. Old art projects

  47. Chipped picture frames

  48. Half used cleaning supplies

  49. Dead or dying plants

  50. Perused magazines/catalogs/newspaper

  51. Broken lamps

  52. Old waterbottles

  53. Worn/ripped towels

  54. Watches that no longer work

  55. Candles without a wick

  56. Burn pans that won't clean

  57. Dried paint

  58. Frayed paintbrushes

  59. Dried play-do/paint

  60. Old food/tea/coffee/snacks

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