Ten Painful Truths

  1. The average human life is relatively short

  2. We all only get one life to live and the length of that life is never guaranteed. While we all hope that we may have a long and fulfilling life, sometimes it is cut short and we are cheated out of the years we so desperately desire. Life your life as if you don't know how long you will have, as in fact, you do not.

  3. You will only ever live the life you create for yourself

  4. We live life every day hoping to get to some "goal" or dream life that we wish for ourselves. Whether it is in relation to where we live, what our career is, our family or what we accomplish- we all have dreams. However, the ability to accomplish or reach those dreams lie in our hands alone and we will certainly never get there if we never try. We must work hard and diligently to accomplish our desired goals and put in the effort we want to receive.

  5. Being busy does NOT mean being productive

  6. In this day and age it is so easy to want to be as busy as those around us and create a life and schedule that is full. Often times we mistake this full and busy life and schedule to be equivalent to success and productivity, however, often times it is the opposite. Being efficient and effective and productive often times allows us to free up much of our time and create a less busy and less hectic lifestyle and schedule. Aim to achieve that level of success and productivity to which you have free time and are not always in a state of crazy busy.

  7. Some kind of failure always occurs before success

  8. Failure is inevitable and so is success. We have the opportunity to grow and learn and strengthen through our failures so that we can become better and do better and be better. Everyone always strives for great success and often times forget about the inevitable failure that comes before hand and are shocked when it occurs. The more open and flexible we are, the better prepared we are to overcome the inevitable obstacles that will come our way.

  9. Thinking and doing are two very different things

  10. Wishing to succeed, accomplish, and achieve are just the preliminary step of accomplishing. Thinking about what we want and dream and hope births our dreams and goals itself where we then have to take the necessary steps in order to bring those things to life. Taking action and doing is very different than simply thinking, for if we desire our thoughts to become reality we must take action to make it so.

  11. You don't have to wait for an apology to forgive

  12. Unforgiveness will always leave you hurting more than those that you are refraining from forgiving. Sure forgiveness can be tough and will challenge you to really dig deep- especially when what was done really hurt you. However, the longer you hold onto the grudges against those who hurt us, the longer we are preventing ourselves from healing and moving on. Forgiveness is not dependent on both parties participating rather you being in a place where you forgive without the expectation of them reciprocating.

  13. Some people are simply the wrong match for you

  14. Marriage. Companionship. It's something we all long for in some form or another. It is human nature to desire community and love and affection from others and to find those we can do life with. However, not everyone is called to be in your life to fulfill that desire and call. Sometimes we are better off waiting and holding out for people who are good for us rather than settling for those who bring us down and hold us back, and that is okay. Just because we are not for them, or they aren't for us, doesn't mean that there aren't people intended for each one of us.

  15. It's not other people's job to love you: it's yours

  16. The bible talks about loving your neighbor as yourself and society talks about loving yourself before loving others. Honestly, both are true. Until we can truly love ourselves and cherish and celebrate who we are as individuals in our uniqueness, we will never be able to effectively and properly love others. Loving ourselves not only boosts our sense of self and self worth but also builds our confidence and helps us know what we deserve.

  17. What you own is not WHO you are

  18. The saying you are what you eat or who you hang out with has a portion of truth but honestly, we are what we allow ourselves to be. What we own or where we are doesn't define us and honestly nothing really down unless we allow it to.

  19. Everything changes, every second

  20. Change. It can be the most wonderful thing in the world and the most awful. However, there is hope in change none the less. For because of change we know that there is hope for something better or different. We are able to move on and be different and get different and expect different.

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